Our Intake Process

At Burkhart Law, our intake process is designed to meet the needs of both our potential clients and our attorneys.  When you call our office, our receptionist will ask you questions about your situation and take down key information about your case.  This will give our attorneys an overview of the facts of your situation. Our attorneys will review this information before determining the next steps they would like to take.  

The next step in our intake process is typically an extended intake form.  This provides more in-depth information about your potential case for our attorneys to review prior to scheduling a meeting with you.  This form also allows you to give our attorneys any other additional information that may be important to your case. After you submit this form, our attorneys will review it and decide if they would like to offer you a consultation meeting.  

The last step in our intake process is an intake consultation meeting.  During this meeting, you meet with an attorney in person or over the phone. These meetings give you the opportunity to ask an attorney your questions and discuss the facts of your case.  

If you believe you have been treated unfairly in the workplace, call our office at (816) 945-6467 to begin the intake process.

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